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Schedule of Events

 BHC Children's Summer Program

with Baltimore City Schools

Storytelling- Hike-Yoga-Dance-Sound Healing

July 11     Collington Square Freedom School 

 July 13    Peace Camp #1

 July 18    Tench Tilghman Freedom School 

 July 20    Orita Cross

          (different Freedom School/Park Heights)

July 25    Wm Pinderhughes Freedom School 

 July 27   Peace Camp #2 


We also love volunteers at any time.    If you'd like to work in the veggie garden contact Taylor Logsdon at  If you'd like to do more general farm help you can contact Patricia at  We would Love to work together with you... in community.

Shaman Sound for Women - Ann Hughes

Saturdays: 12 – 8 pm         Sundays: 9 am – 1 pm.

Sept 9-10,

Oct 14-15,  

Nov 4-5,

Dec 1-2. 

Kirtan with Amah Devi

Wednesday, August 23rd  

1st Saturday of the month Music Circle

Jaqui MacMillian -  Drum Circle 

September 2    7pm 


​Rites of Passage Program - Gabriel Pickus

Friday - Sunday,  September 15 -17

Shaman Despacho with Pamela Panneton

Friday, September 22


Shaman Despacho with Rebecca Snyder 

Sunday, September 24

1st Saturday of the month Music Circle                                     

 Jenna Sommers and Taylor Logsdon

 Saturday, October 7  

6pm vegetarian potluck -  7:30 music 

Sunrise and sunset Agnihotra performed daily.   Visitors welcome to come for the experience.

Contact Patricia Norton for inquiries or registration


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