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The Baltimore Homa Community is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting loving and sustainable ways of living based on the practice of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy. The practice of Homa establishes bio‐energetic  equilibrium and injects nutrients into the atmosphere. It also helps to remove stress and tension from the mind. Most of us have performed daily Agnihotra, the basic sunrise/sunset Homa practice, for over thirty-five years, growing organic fruits and vegetables in our own gardens and we have accrued a wealth of experience and knowledge of sustainable living along the way.


Our Farm  As you enter Ancient Oaks farm, you will cross a bridge over a clear running stream. As you travel up the long driveway you will see Aurora and Savanah on the left, our Highlander cows and the Community Center and barn on the right. Our 300 year old grandmother and grandfather Oak trees welcome you in front of the farmhouse which is surrounded by small landscaped gardens. These 28 acres carry a peacefulness that is almost tangible, setting the tone for the loving harmony we want in our relationship with the earth and the community.


Our Practices  The most distinctive aspect of Ancient Oaks farm that sets us apart from other organic farms, is our use of Homa Therapy farming which comes from ancient Vedic science and wisdom. We use strictly chemical- free methods in all the fields we cultivate as well organically approved fertilizers, composts, manure and cover crops to maintain the fertility of the soil. A careful crop rotation helps us to minimize pest and disease damage.


 Our Future  With the love and support of the greater community, we have accomplished much this past year. We are one of the first farms in the U.S. to offer HomaGrown produce. Our intention is to create a welcoming educational farm dedicated to healing the environment and the community through Homa Therapy farming. Our vision includes offering community workshops in self-development, meditation and healthful living as well as classes that introduce sound therapy, yoga, music and dance as healing tools. We are more than grateful for your loving support and we hope you are inspired to join us for our 2015 CSA! 

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