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Ancient Oaks CSA

Community Supported Agriculture


Closed for 2020

Meet Our Farmers

Taylor Logsdon's love of farms and gardens was first sprouted in northern Ontario on summer trips to his uncle's farm in the Canadian Shield.  He has worked and lived on Homa farms around the world and is a certified Homa Therapy teacher, specializing in Homa farming.

 Adam Kandel  is a passionate and experienced farmer who has been learning the art and science of growing organic and sustainable foods from masters around the world and from the land for a decade. He feels completely at home and believes fully in combining spirituality with farming,  which is the essence of our farm.

What is CSA?                
In Community Supported Agriculture members pay in advance for a share of the ongoing harvest. By becoming a steward of the land, you are actively participating in a collective effort towards sustainability. You are ensured a portion of truly nourishing, locally grown food. Every week from June through November, members receive a variety of freshly harvested vegetables. Since the nutritional value of produce declines significantly while on supermarket shelves, as a member you will enjoy the freshest, most nutritious produce available. With Ancient Oaks CSA, you can become involved by supporting our farm, knowing where and  how the food is grown. You will share in the rewards and the risks experienced by the farm community that are inherent in agriculture. This means that in years of environmental or weather constraints, members may receive more of one crop but less of another.        

What’s in a Share?     
A share at Ancient Oaks CSA consists of a weekly pick-up of a bountiful variety of sustainably grown vegetables, invitations to farm events, and the opportunity to volunteer and learn on our farm.     Receive a list of veggies to expect on next pick up,  and a recipe, that will incorporate one or more of that weeks produce so you can plan your shopping beforehand.

We grow a good but not overwhelming variety of popular vegetables with a focus on fresh salad items. If you like to eat fresh and delicious, local produce every week but don't like having to figure out what to do with rutabagas or kohlrabi then our share is for you!

In 2018 we will be growing:


Mesclun Mix




Zucchini/ Summer Squash


Sweet Peas







Bok Choi

Green Beans











Green Onions

Our Season   

Our season runs from the first week of June to the end of October; a total of 22 weeks.  There is a possibility of items before and after those months - depending on weather, and what the land gives us. $375 covers a half share, and for this you will receive 5-7 types of veggies each week (multiples of each item); roughly $17 per week of fresh, local, organically grown veggies. We recommend the half share for 1-2 people.  $625 buys a full share, which will consist of almost double the amount of produce as a half share, roughly $28 per week. Recommended for a family of four.  This is REAL FOOD: gorgeous, varied produce that has been lovingly grown from seed to harvest. Although we are not a certified organic farm (due to costs associated with the title and us being a small start up farm) we practice organic methods. We use organic seeds, organic compost, and do not use any pesticides or fungicides, organic or otherwise!

Who We Are

Ancient Oaks isn't just another farm; we are a community of people committed to bettering the planet. We practice daily ayurvedic fires on the property for purification of the atmosphere and are committed to ahimsa (compassion, non-violence) on our farm.  The resulting environment nourishes the people, animals and plants who live here, including the food we grow for you!

Pick Up Locations

Ancient Oaks Farm:   1020 Poole Rd Westminster, MD   Mondays     3-7pm

Baltimore Yoga Village -  Mt. Washington:  6080 Falls Rd Baltimore, MD   Thursdays    4:45-8pm

Baltimore Yoga Village- Hampden:  3000 Chestnut Ave, Baltimore, MD Thursdays 4:45-8pm

Resonance Point:   3501 N. Rolling Road Windsor Mill, MD   Sundays 11-3pm

What people are saying .....

 "It’s been such a great blessing to receive your pristine produce week after week throughout the harvest season. I’ve fed and nourished a lot of friends throughout the past months, and it feels wonderfully healing to be able to do so knowing that what I’m sharing is sourced from great goodness.  Thank you all for your great and heroic investments of time, effort and loving attention to make this all possible. I hope to participate in your CSA again and again as the seasons unfold and the opportunity arises. I’m expecting only good things for you all at Ancient Oaks Farm."                                                                                                                                                        Tim H.



 “Ancient Oaks CSA has been such a pleasant surprise and has far surpassed my expectations! This past spring and summer I found myself eagerly awaiting the bounty of each weekly pick up and was never disappointed. Our family has felt more nourished by this seasons produce than any other we have ever eaten before and cannot wait for next season. Count us in!                                                                                                                                                                                                 Heather D.




“Adam is a Godsend/angel... hope he stays with us forever!   CSA distribution and content was seriously wonderful... I will definitely recommit.”                                                             Maria B.

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