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Space Rentals

As you enter Ancient Oaks farm, you will cross a bridge over a clear running stream. Traveling up the long driveway you will see Aurora, Savannah and Acorn on the left, our Highlander cows and the large community center and barn on the right.  Our 300 year old grandmother and grandfather Oak trees welcome you in front of the farmhouse which is surrounded by small landscaped gardens. These 28 acres carry a peacefulness that is almost tangible; setting the tone for the loving harmony we want in our relationship with the earth and the community.


    The community center  is 40 x 30 ‘ which opens wide on one end with a view overlooking the property and the 2 guardian oak trees.  There is an entry door and another wide opening sliding doors on the back side of the building.  The space can be cleared for yoga or dance, but can also accommodate 10 people on sofas plus many side chairs and comfy pillows to sit upon.  There is ample parking yet no air conditioning or heating system at this time.

This land is so sacred due to a specific ancient fire, practiced daily, called Agnihotra.  Agnihotra was revived for these critical times to rejuvenate the atmosphere and create peaceful, healthy environments.  Agnihotra, from Homa Therapy, involves a small fire in an inverted copper pyramid at specially charged times of sunrise and sunset.  This attracts a flood of life force energy which in turn neutralizes pollution and  stress, positively influencing people, their gardens their communities.

For your Events

This beautiful land holds many usable and magical areas for you to hold your special gatherings.  You may want to be under the magnificent walnut tree in the back of the property which is flat, near a stream, and has a fir pit in the center.  Or you may want to base your gathering under grandmother and grandfather Oak.  There are several tables there for projects or meals.  Up the hill there is a cleared path through the 3 acre wooded area.  The stream, as you enter the property has a swimming hole and you can even whisper to the sweet fairies in the fairy ring.  They love it when people come visit.

                            We would love to assist you in planning your special event here at Ancient Oaks Homa Farm!


May include:

The Community Center 

Trails in 3 acre woodlands

Grandmother and Grandfather Oak tree circle with picnic tables 

Drum circle under the walnut tree with wide fire pit and logs

(Farm provides 2 full bathrooms)


A pay scale is available structured according to what facilities are used

and how many people are attending.  To be emailed upon request.

Overnight Camping:  12 noon to 12 noon:  $25 per person.

Contact Patricia to explore the possibilities!


Property Guidelines:  We honor an environment that is free from

meat & fish, eggs, drugs, alcohol and smoking. 

                                                                                            The main house is for residents only.


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